This was created to help Virginia Tech freshman students and transfer students in the professional writing option at Virginia Tech learn the ropes. However, it can also serve as a guide if you are a prospective student of VT. The professional writing specialization is one of the three available in the English department: creative writing; professional writing; and literature, language, and culture. This wiki is all about professional writing in particular, and it has been divided into sections by questions:

You will get the most out of this wiki by starting out with one of these questions and finding the answer. The sections of the wiki have been divided up by the question-topics, and the info inside comes straight from real-world experience from other students in the English department and is updated by public contribution. This leads me to the next point…

Contribute! This is a living document, and if you end up solving a problem within professional writing, then add an article to save the souls of (mostly) innocent freshmen and transfer students. However, this is not the only way to contribute. If you update and validate the info already present, you may also land yourself on your Professional Writing friends’ Christmas list.

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