Gaining Real World ExperienceEdit



College is a great tool to prepare you for the professional world, but nothing quite beats actually working in a business. Internships provide great opportunities to students who are looking for a little experience.

Steven Kark is the English Department's internship expert. He will help you find an internship, give you what you need to apply, and see if you can receive college credit for your work. Just visit his office to learn more about the opportunities that are available to you, or shoot him an email at

Career FairsEdit

Career Fairs are another valuable way to get yourself integrated into the business world. A Career Fair consists of several employers seeking soon-to-be graduates for their business. Show up as you would show up to any interview, and you may find you have made several connections in the business world. The Career Services Center is dedicated to keeping your up to date on the Career Fairs. Simply visit their website for more information.

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